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Do you remember what was it like to be a child?

Time stopped. Every object, every shape, was a discovery. Your senses were an open window and your mind was like a sponge.

We are Carmen and Dolors. With Petit Boum we work so kids can keep marveling and learning while they play. Free and at their own pace. We do it creating sensory bottles full of color, light and magic.



Our story begins at home, in the midst of that incessant hubbub that always surrounds children. We are sisters, and in addition to raising  our children, we have always been united by our creativity curiosity, childhood … and the world of toys.   

And so, in one of our lunchtimes, the spark was lit. “Why is the offer in our city so low?”. “ Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a space with cared toys, where also the parents could find new ways of playful learning?”

This was the first step: el Niu d’Andròmines was born. Our recreational space in Olot, unique in the whole province of Girona. This has enabled us to better know the toy sector and, above all, remain interested as never before to always offer the best to the children and their families.

Have we already said that we cannot stop? 

Since years later the second spark and the second boum were lit.

Always looking for new creative challenges, we found sensory bottles. They had all to make us fall in love with them: they were fun, stimulating and favour that form of spontaneous play that we like so much.

Two years after searching and experiencing in our lab-house, PETIT BOUM was born. Sensory bottles designed to excite children of all ages, from the first babbling. Careful to the detail to put in their hands a small big universe to explore.

You only have to give it to them and enjoy watching how they discover, look listen and get thrilled.


We are already known in ...

Handmade toys designed with the heart

Each of the Petit Boum sensory bottles is the result of our efforts to offer special, beautiful and stimulating toys to our little ones.

Therefore, we count on the advice of pediatricians and visual therapists together with the most strict safety approvals:

EN71 certificate, CE (European Community) certificate

Our bottles are BPA-, metal- and phalates free. The bottles do not break and are completely safe for the children to handle, even with the mouth.

The interior is sealed and has a second wooden plug, ideal for small hands and very pleasant to the touch.

Learning, from emotion to calm

Our sensory bottles are the ideal travel companions in the growth and development of our little ones.

At Petit Boum we believe in a learning model that respects the rhythms and spontaneity of children, with a leading role in their autonomy and their inherent ability to discover and learn at every single step.

This is why our toys are perfect not only for home but also for nurseries, schools, Montessori schools, therapeutic spaces…

Added to stimulate imagination, creativity and cognitive development, FLOAT bottles are great tools to restore calm in times of anxiety or irritation. Watching how the fluids and inside pieces slowly descend is a great exercise in a “corner of peace” both for children and adults.