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Some of the benefits of Petit Boum

Stimulates the senses.

Sight, touch and hearing. We are born with an immature sensory and cognitive system which has huge potential. The Petit Boum sensory bottles are wonderful companions for the adventure of development.


Sight. The combination of elements and objects has been designed so that the small ones can track them with their eyes as they move.


Hearing. The manipulation of the bottles generates sounds that please and stimulate small kids. Different to rattles and other toys, sensory bottles allow the kid to identify and match those sounds with the different pieces found in them.

Touch and psychomotor skills.

The weight, shape and size of the sensory bottle are adapted so that kids can manipulate it, shake it, roll it… In this way they train their eye-hand coordination, brain lateralization and crawling abilities.

Favors concentration and calm.

Watching the light and how glitter descends slowly kids can relax and focus in moments of agitation and anxiety.

Support development.

From the very first stimuli and babbling up until crawling and first words, Petit Boum is an evolutive toy that will support your baby with different stimuli and possibilities during the different development phases

It is safe and sustainable.

Petit Boum sensory bottles are recyclable and are certified as per the most strict safety standards (EN71 and CE – European Community). They are metal-, BPA- and phalates-free. Kids can manipulate and lick them without risk. For your peace of mind, the bottles are completely sealed with a double cap and do not break. Do not immerse in water or expose to the sun for long hours. For cleaning, we recommend wiping with a damp cloth.