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Have fun seeking for the animals of the polar regions protected behind a thick layer of ice. When the sun goes through the polar bottle the colours of the ice, white and blue, reveal themselves.

Who will find the penguin kidnapped from the south pole?

It is hidden in a glacier cave!

A microcosm in each bottle. In each of the Spy Bottles, we recreate a natural environment, with animals that will become the protagonists of your children’s imagination.

They will enjoy identifying animals, imitating them, mentioning them, creating stories and tales, or learning about different ecosystems.

A real magnet for children’s curiosity! It includes a booklet with suggestions for activities especially recommended from 18 months onwards.

Dimensions of each bottle: 14cm x 4cm.

Do not immerse in water or expose to the sun for long hours, for hygiene we recommend wiping with a wet cloth.